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ACE Chair on Bring it Home Chicago

This month, our very own 2011 ACE co-chair Marge Gambow filmed a segment for Bring it Home Chicago, a WGN Sunday show which ACE will be featured on in the weeks to come (stay tuned for more details)! I had the pleasure of chatting with Marge about her experience and am excited to share what she had to say about this exciting opportunity for ACE!

Q: What was it like filming for a television show?

A: It was interesting, as it isn’t what I normally do!  I’ll admit that I was nervous and focused on trying my best to act like myself, but I must say that, all in all, it was a very exciting experience. Everyone—from the film crew to the producer who interviewed me—was so gracious. It all took place in Evanston Hospital in front of the Purchase Awards Cabinet, which is the display of the crafts purchased by the hospital each year at ACE. The Cabinet is near Radiology, so, as you can imagine, it was a bit challenging filming in such a high-traffic area. We had to make sure doors didn’t slam and people didn’t walk through the shot.

Q: What kind of questions did the producer ask you?

A: She asked me basic questions about ACE: its history, its artists, and, of course, its fundraising efforts and goals.

Q: Can you tell us more about your fundraising discussion?

A:Well, the challenge is always reaching the widest number of people so that they understand what ACE supports. We strive to make it clear that ACE is different from other fine craft shows, in that the funds go to a very specific Auxiliary Board approved goal.

Q: That’s why I love ACE. You mentioned that one of the challenges you and your co-chair Melissa have is to make sure that you reach the widest audience. How much impact do you think this television show special will have in terms of reaching a more diverse audience?

A: Like I always say, it’s about weaving the story between the hospital and the research projects that we support, the craft and of course, the artists making the craft. It’s not like an ovarian cancer walk or just a fine craft show – It’s way more than that. We’re really trying to tell our audience that the funds go into a specific project!

Q: I’m excited to watch the show now and see how you weaved the two stories together! It really seems like you had a very interesting experience. Is there anything else you would like to share?

A: We hope everyone will watch the segment and come to the show! We would love to welcome you to ACE 2011. ACE showcases so many beautiful crafts and, of course, supports a fabulous cause!


ACE Committee Kick-Off March 2nd, 2011

Committee Members admiring the work of Aaron Macsai.

The weather outside may have been bleak, but it did not stop the women of the ACE committee from enjoying the kick-off party inside the lovely Clarke House, home to the Evanston Art Center. There were plenty of refreshments for everyone, and the gallery exhibition couldn’t have been more fitting.The physio|tasma|gorical exhibition curated by Susan Sensemann perfectly blended art with human anatomy and science. But beyond the atmosphere was the mood of the attendees. Board officio, Auxiliary members, ACE committee chairs, Dr. Gustavo Rodriguez, and Aaron Macsi were all on hand to share in the excitement for ACE 2011.

ACE Committee Chairs (Marge Gambow & Melissa David) and myself.

Marge Gambow and Melissa David , co-chairs of ACE 2011, introduced and welcomed everyone. They shared new information which generated much discussion such as: new preview party details, the online auction coming back and getting youth involved in this year’s show.

Dr. Gustavo Rodriguez, researcher and gynecologic oncologist, whose work on ovarian cancer will be the primary funding goal for ACE and the Evanston Hospital Auxiliary this year , came to the Kick Off Party to thank ACE.

But most interesting were Dr. Rodriguez’s comments as he introduced himself to the committee. “There are three sources of funding for our research—clinical funds, NIH grants,and philanthropic funds, the latter which is most pivotal in our search for preventing ovarian cancer.” As a huge fan of his research, I was delighted to hear that he believes “from what we know now, we think we can prevent up to 90% of ovarian cancer,” and that “funding from ACE will contribute to helping fund research to figure out how to exploit the mechanism and customize treatment in our clinical program.” He also said that “from what we know, the mechanism clears genetically damaged cells—something that was validated in human trials.” Thus, it is obvious that the beneficiary is currently working on top tier, significant research.

Furthermore, a short talk with Aaron Macsai shed much light on the creative brilliance and mastery that is a common denominator of ACE artists. His inspiration originated from his jewelry teacher (daughter of the late Enrico Fermi) at the University of Chicago Lab School. Since then he has mastered the art of texture and jewelry making. There is a common theme among his work—gold, copper, and a myriad of colored gemstones reminiscent of Egyptian art. When asked about the inspiration of his work, he credits the Oriental Institute (located at the University of Chicago). Clearly, he is a master who is very passionate about his work. It is evident from our conversation that he is obsessed with perfection, texture, and form. Macsai was educated at the California Institute of Art and Southern Illinois University.

The Kick-Off succeeded in getting everyone excited and prepared to work on ACE 2011.

11 Days Until the Show!

Stunning jewelry.

Head-turning fabric art.

Beautiful, hand-made furniture, and so much more. Are you ready for ACE 2010?

In less than two weeks, the doors at Northwestern University’s Henry Crown Sports Pavilion will open onto one of the most famous fine-crafts expositions held in the United States. Since its inception in 1985, ACE and its founders have been devoted to excellence–and to supporting the tradition of fine craft. This year’s show will feature 160 artists and their work in a variety of media, including basketry, ceramics, fiber, furniture, glass, jewelry, leather, metal, paper and wood. Doors will open at 10 a.m. on Friday, August 27, and close at 5 p.m. on Sunday, August 29. During these three days, you’ll have an opportunity to view and purchase unique fine crafts. You’ll also be able to attend demonstrations by several top artists, and a fashion show featuring clothing made by several of the show’s artists.

If you’ve never attended this spectacular annual event, why not do so this year? All funds raised support breast-cancer and ovarian-cancer research at NorthShore University Health System. Make it an ACE weekend, and create a new tradition. You’ll support a noble cause while enjoying a fabulous shopping opportunity. What could be more fun?

Reserve Your Tickets for the ACE Preview Party Today!

Looking for a magic moment that’s also tax-deductible? Then book your calendar for the evening of Thursday, August 26. The American Craft Exhibition Preview Party promises a beautiful setting, cocktails, exquisite hors d’oeuvres and desserts,  and, most importantly, a chance to see and shop the show before it opens the following day.

For even more exclusive access, you’ll want to attend the Joan Kowing McGregor Collectors’ Hour (5:30-6:30 p.m.).  This event memorializes a dedicated Auxiliary member who died of  cancer. Tickets for the Collectors’ Hour are $150 each.  Tickets for the Preview Party (6:30-9:00 p.m.) are $100 each, and include admission to the show each day. Amounts in excess of $40 per person are considered a charitable contribution, and all funds from both events will benefit breast- and ovarian-cancer research at Northshore University Health System.

Don’t miss this memorable evening, to be held at Northwestern University’s Henry Crown Sports Pavilion, 2311 North Campus Drive, Evanston.  To reserve your tickets, call the Auxiliary office at 847-570-5095, or email Jenny Bruffey at