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ACE 2014 is Finally Here!

The day has finally arrived! Artists from all over the country have taken over Evanston, Illinois, bringing their one-of-a-kind pieces, luxury collections and uniquely creative artwork to the 30th Annual American Craft Exposition. You don’t want to miss this!


The festivities kick off this evening with the Collector’s Hour followed by the Benefit Preview Party. From jewelry, to leather, to ceramics, and even furniture, tickets have been selling out fast to a wide-array of dedicated art enthusiasts. Tickets are still available at the door if you didn’t have a chance to buy them in advance online!

While ACE provides a perfect opportunity to bring family and friends together to check out the work of the country’s finest craftspeople, it is also a time to show support for ovarian cancer research at NorthShore University HealthSystem.


There are plenty of great free special events for you throughout the weekend:

Craft in Action Stage – ACE wood-turners and ceramicists artists will share their talents and demonstrate their skills.

Emerging Artist Gallery – View the work of America’s most promising new craftsmen.

Fashion Show – On Saturday, August 23 at 1:00 p.m. a lavish display of wearables from ACE artists, including clothing, jewelry, handbags and other accessories will be modeled on our ACE runway.

We hope to see you all there this weekend! It is sure to be an outstanding event, surrounded by talented artists, friends and of course, amazing fine art!

For more information, be sure to visit


Craft For a Cure

The American Craft Exposition (ACE), presented by The Auxiliary of NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore), uses its passion for art as a way to gain awareness for ovarian cancer research. By bringing together hundreds of the country’s most renowned and skilled artists, ACE not only functions as an art exhibition, but also as a fundraiser supporting critical ovarian cancer research at NorthShore.

Ceramics – Antoinette Badenhorst, Booth #52
Jewelry – Ashley Buchanan, Booth #133
Jewelry – Namu Cho, Booth #11
Jewelry ­– Devta Doolan, Booth #93
Fiber Wearable  – Betsy Giberson, Booth #77
Ceramics – Peter Karner, Booth #94
Jewelry – Christy Klug, Booth #104
Ceramics – Thomas Marrinson, Booth #2
Jewelry – Rebecca Myers, Booth #81
Fiber Wearable  – Susan Otterson, Booth #119
Wood – Peter Petrochko, Booth #138
Metal ­– Michael Szabo, Booth #156
Jewelry – Jacob  Albee, Booth #144
Fiber Wearable – Elyse Allen, Booth #108
Fiber Wearable – Marjolaine Arsenault, Booth #74
Jewelry/Metal – David Bacharach, Booth #15
Fiber Wearable– Tregea Bevan, Booth #33
Metal – Bozenna & Lukasz Bogucki, Booth #66
Emerging Artist  – Shauna Burke, Booth #209
Jewelry – Bongsang Cho, Booth #60
Jewelry – Petra Class, Booth #65
Jewelry – Martha Collins, Booth #84
Fiber Wearable – Deborah Cross, Booth #21
Jewelry – Kate Cusack, Booth #112
Jewelry – Donna D’Aquino, Booth #20
Jewelry – Jaclyn Davidson, Booth #59
Ceramics – Nell Devitt, Booth #153
Wood – Sharon and Mark Diebolt, Booth #92
Basketry – Sue Fedenia, Booth #43
Fiber Decorative – Martha Fieber, Booth #91
Fiber Decorative – Amy Gillespie, Booth #36
Glass – Wes Hunting, Booth #26
Emerging Artist – Rickie Jacobs, Booth #207
Jewelry – Judith Kaufman, Booth #55
Jewelry – Tiara and Tai Kim, Booth #34
Jewelry – Kim Koch, Booth #24
Furniture – Steve Kratzer, Booth #39
Leather – Michael and Michelle Lalonde, Booth #35
Jewelry – Ken and Dona Look Loeber, Booth #17
Jewelry – Terri Logan, Booth #28
Jewelry – Susan Mahlstedt, Booth #155
Jewelry – Lee Marraccini, Booth #22
Leather – Rob and Barbara Mathews, Booth #140
Fiber Wearable – Joan Mcgee, Booth #41
Emerging Artist – Mary Mowry, Booth #206
Leather – Dick and Dianne Muller, Booth #120
Fiber Wearable – Amy Nguyen, Booth #4
Fiber Wearable – Patricia Palson, Booth #67
Fiber Wearable – Gina Pannorfi, Booth #29
Fiber Wearable – Jeung-Hwa Park, Booth #123
Paper – Rosella Pat Peck, Booth #114
Emerging Artist – Blaise Peluso, Booth #205
Fiber Wearable – Maria Navarra Pino, Booth #150
Paper– Lynn Pollard, Booth #8
Glass – Joseph Pozycinski, Booth #50
Fiber Decorative – Leora Pruessing, Booth #58
Fiber Wearable – K. Riley, Booth #80
Fiber Decorative – Gretchen Romey-Tanzer, Booth #13
Metal – Jon Michael Route, Booth #9
Wood – Michael Scarborough, Booth #154
Jewelry – Biba Schutz, Booth #46
Metal – Elaine Unzicker, Booth #110
Jewelry – Adrienne Wiegmann, Booth #32
Jewelry/Mixed Media – Roberta and David Williamson, Booth #98
Jewelry – Susan and Jeff Wise, Booth #27
Jewelry – Genevieve Yang, Booth #37
Basketry – Jennifer Zurick, Booth #78
Jewelry – Rob Greene, Booth #49
Jewelry – Aaron Macsai, Booth #125

A number of artists at this year’s event have volunteered to participate in ACE’s “Craft for a Cure” program, agreeing to donate a percentage of the sale of a designated item to ACE’s funding goal. The following list details the artists who will be participating in “Craft for a Cure.” Visit their booth at the show!

We are also grateful to the many artists who have made generous donations to our raffle and online auction.

Funds raised at ACE 2014 will support pioneering research at NorthShore that is already showing promising results in preventing ovarian cancer in at-risk women. Ovarian cancer is often called the “silent killer” because symptoms are easy to dismiss and the disease is often diagnosed too late for effective treatment. However, research from Gus Rodriguez, MD, and his team have found that using routine use of the combination estrogen-progestin oral contraceptive pill results in a remarkable 30-50 percent reduction in the risk of developing not only ovarian cancer, but also in endometrial cancer.