The Inside Scoop on Jurying for ACE

I had the fantastic opportunity to learn more about the jurying for ACE 2011 last weekend, and now I’m here to give you the inside scoop about how ACE artists are selected! As a first-timer, it was a pleasure to speak with the Show Director Chair, Dana Turban, who told me that, “Each year jurying is tough because we have to select artists for all categories. Some categories like jewelry for instance, have a lot of applicants, whereas other categories have fewer. Thus, it takes four guest jurors who are experts in their field, along with two former ACE Chairs to talk and vote on the finalists.”
I can confidently report that each decision is made with much deliberation—everyone’s work is thoroughly reviewed! Over 700 artists applied, but only 151 of them will make it to the show; plus 10 new emerging artists!

Good luck to all who applied! ACE 2011 is on the road to being our greatest show yet!


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